Universal Design


Universal design concepts can be included in most homes without substantial changes to the design or layout of the home. More importantly, your home doesn’t have to be entirely universal design. You can choose the elements that work best for you and your family, such as:

  • No Step Entry
    In most new construction projects, such as additions, creating a no-step entry is simply a matter of planning. We will help you design a plan to eliminate the need for exterior steps to create an entrance that will allow you easy access to your home and to move large objects in and out of your new home easily.
  • Sill Height
    Sills on exterior doors are an unnecessary barrier to entry, as well as a tripping hazard. By eliminating raised sills on exterior doors you will create a smoother transition into your new living space, while making it more accessible.
  • Hallway Width
    Hallways that are 42 to 48 inches wide help everyone – and everything – move more easily from room to room. Wider hallways not only improve accessibility, they also enhance circulation, add a more spacious feel and reduce bangs and bumps against door jambs.
  • Door Width
    Standard door widths of 28 to 32 inches are too narrow to accommodate a walker or a wheelchair. We will assist you in deciding which doorways should be expanded to between 34 and 36 inches wide. This will help you today to make your home feel more spacious, make it much easier to move things in and out, and may be of real benefit in the future for easy access to rooms.
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
    Incorporating wider floor areas into kitchens and bathrooms, with at least a 60” turning radius, makes for more comfortable surroundings and creates a feeling of spaciousness in these often-used areas.
  • Electrical Outlet Height
    Standard outlet height is 12 inches above the floor line. Raising them to 18 inches off the floor makes them easier to find and use.
  • Light Switch Height
    Lowering light switches to 36″ inches makes them easier to use by everyone, including children.