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Sometimes you need a lot more extra space. Maybe your family is growing, and you need an extra bedroom or a playroom for the kids. Maybe you just bought another car or boat and need a bigger or an additional garage. Whatever your need may be, we can help with a home addition. Call Home Specialists to request a free quote for our home addition services in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our team has two decades of experience, giving us the knowledge and expertise on how to handle projects of all sizes.

Home Additions Grand Rapids Mi Remodeler

Benefits of a Home Addition

Home additions are versatile and can add a lot of value to your home. This could be monetary value depending on the type of addition. Here are some of the most valuable home additions:

  • New living space
  • Backyard deck
  • Kitchen expansion/renovation
  • More closet space

You can add any kind of room to your house with a home addition. Sunrooms, decks, and patios are popular options, but an extra bedroom, bathroom, garage, or other functional space can provide more options and room for people.

A home addition renovation can be great for more than you and your family. The extra space can allow you to rent a room or suite to someone and have an additional source of income. They also have great aesthetic potential similar to a deck or patio.

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We know that both the small details and the bigger vision are important to successfully completing a project. For this reason, we are committed to delivering exceptional work on every project.

As your home addition contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, we can develop home additions so you can have more space for the important things in life. You can call us at 616-453-4552 and ask for a free estimate on any of our services.

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