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In addition to our inside remodeling services, we also specialize in home exteriors: decks, patios, windows, and doors. A deck or patio can add a layer of luxury where your friends and family can gather and hang out. Doors and windows play an important role in the aesthetic of your home which is why it is necessary to keep those up to date.

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Decks vs Patios

The difference between decks and patios is mainly twofold. They differ in the materials used and their height. Decks are built to stand up off the ground rather than rest on it like a patio. While decks are generally made of composite or wood, patios are generally made of concrete or stone.

Also, decks are attached to the house and patios can be, but it is common for them to be detached. Decks generally require a larger initial investment than a patio, but also have a greater return on investment (ROI).

Windows & Doors

Both windows and doors play an important role in the overall aesthetic of your house, but they do more than that. They are also vital in keeping heat inside your home to keep your heating bill low.

Old worn out windows can also be difficult to close or open, which is important if you need to ventilate the room of steam, hot air, or a bad smell.

New windows and doors increase your home’s value. People looking to buy a home are most likely to choose one that does not need any/many repairs.

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