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Our Process

Michigan Remodeling

Here is a brief overview of our construction process from before we start to after we finish. You can call us today if you want to request a free estimate from our home remodelers in Grand Rapids & Grand Haven, MI.

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Step One: Pre-Construction

Before construction begins, we work with you to create a plan for what work you want done on your house. The next step is to make a budget with all the work you want done in mind. This budget can be adjusted later on if you decide you want more work done than you originally planned on.

We manage organizing and facilitating the project with subcontractors and suppliers. In addition, we handle the paperwork of getting documents through the permit process. The goal of this step is to give you more control and clarify any confusion.

Step Two: Construction

We continue dealing with the subcontractors during construction. This includes:
  • Tracking the insurance and payments
  • Providing on-site management
  • Maintaining the schedule to keep the project on track

This allows us to have open communication and accountability between everyone involved. It is this openness that allows us to resolve issues if they arise.

Step 3: Completion

We do cost management throughout the entire project. As construction comes to an end, we ensure the subcontractors have fulfilled their responsibilities and review all inspection reports. Before sending the final invoice, we go through a complete list to double check the details. This is to ensure we fulfilled all of our responsibilities and confirm the project is completed.

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