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Michigan Remodeling

So, you have decided to remodel a part or all of your home. Our home remodelers in Grand Rapids & Grand Haven, MI understand that you may have many ideas of how you would like to improve the space. There can also be many questions before starting a home remodeling project like:

  • Where to start?
  • What to do first?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How to design it to fit your existing home and lifestyle?
  • How long will it take?
  • Who can we trust to work in our home while we are also living in it?
  • Are we the right fit to work together?
  • What if we get cold feet through the process?
Gand Rapids Mi Building Contractors

We know this is very disruptive to your home and life and will do our very best to manage it together.

Our 7-step process is designed to lay the groundwork for your project from concept to completion. It is built to give you multiple exit points if you choose to go in a different direction before construction starts. We have been remodeling since 1999 and it is our goal to earn your trust through clear and open communication. Let us help you start this journey and navigate through these questions together, get answers, and realize your dreams!

It starts with a visit to your home to hear your concerns and challenges along with your vision, ideas, dreams, and wish list. This is an opportunity to share your goals, budget, and style for a home addition, kitchen remodel, or more. We will listen and gather information, pictures, and dimensions of the areas that will be useful for our team to design a solution and preliminary budget range. (Fully designed already and/or simple projects skip #2-3 and go directly to #4 Proposal).

Based on the information gathered in the discovery meeting, we will write up an overview of the project along with general construction timelines and the budget range we expect it to fit within. At this time, you decide if you would like to work with Home Specialists. With approval and 10% deposit of the low end of the budget range, we move to Project Development.

We check local requirements and restrictions as well as structural impacts. When drawings apply, we put drawings into CAD, scope of work is written up, design and selections are made and recorded. Review of design, layout, scope of work, and selections is done. Additional visits may be made with our team and subcontractors. Finally, your project is sent out for a full quote to build an overall proposal.

We provide you with a full scope of work to review indicating what is or is not included with the associated pricing. Prints and specs as they pertain to the project. With approval and fulfilling the down payment requirements as they pertain to your project, we move to the Preconstruction phase.

We will introduce you to your construction manager. Then we will be working together with him and our execution team to finalize prints, scope of work, and pull the necessary permits. At this time, we will do an in-depth review of the construction materials, disposal method, site requirements, and the preliminary schedules. We will also establish a payment schedule for the project.

Your construction manager is your main contact once the project is started. He will be responsible for the scheduling and managing of the trades and carpenters along with the necessary materials. With this, he will be managing change orders, additions, inspections, and the quality of the work done through the completion of your project.

As your project comes to a close and you settle back into normal life, there will invariably be a list of action items backordered or requiring attention. Our commitment to you is that we will work this list down as quickly as possible. Our one-year warranty gives you peace of mind as the 4 seasons come and go and the effects that they have on the operation of your home. We are here to help!

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